Chocolatefest Cake, Cookie & ChocolART Competition

Show off your skills!

The Chocolatefest Cake, Cookie and ChocolART Competition is open to all ages and all categories.   Registration is free.  

  • Junior Category - age 17 and younger
  • Adult Category - age 18 and older
  • Professional Category - anyone that has a business selling these items

World's Fair Exhibition Hall, 935 World's Fair Park Drive, Knoxville, TN 37902

  • Open to the public:  9am-5pm
  • Drop-off Times:  Friday, January 24th from 11am-7pm, Saturday, January 25th from 6am-8:00am. 
  • Pickup times - Saturday, January 25th from 5pm-7pm. Entries must be picked up during this time.  No early pick-ups.  Any entries not picked up will be discarded. 
  • Judging begins at 8:30am on Saturday, January 25th prior to Chocolatefest opening to the public.  Trophy's will be placed by the winner in each category and may be picked up starting at 5pm on January 25th along with your entry.  
  • Business cards may be placed next to your entry for identification and for guests to pick up.  
  • Suggested themes are Valentine's Day, Love, Ronald McDonald House

All entry forms must be submitted by Sunday, January 19th at Midnight

Categories are Buttercream or Fondant Cake, Decorated Cookie, Chocolate Art

Buttercream & Fondant Cakes:  

  • Sculpted and non-sculpted cakes may be made of real cake, a substitute (such as cereal bars), or a Styrofoam dummy.  If a substitute or dummy is used, it must be a design that could be duplicated with real cake.  
  • Cake decorations must be edible.  Inedible support structures and cake board are allowed.  Use of other non-edible substances may cause the entry to have points deducted.  
  • In the event that a cake and a dummy cake are considered equal in decorating skills for a prize, the real cake will take precedence.  
  • Electricity is not available.  Please use battery operated items if your design requires it.  

Decorated Cookies

  • You may submit from one cookie up to one dozen or more cookies if needed to complete your theme.  
  • The cookies will not be sampled by the judges and will be judged on design only.


ChocolART means...Chocolate Art.  Use chocolate to create any design you like.  Any color of chocolate, any type of chocolate.  But it must all be chocolate.  

  • Non-edible support structures may be used.  
  • Entries will not be sampled