Chocolatefest Merchants


Why you should join us as a merchant

Chocolatefest is a unique way to get in front of new customers.  If you are looking for ways to expand your customer base, Chocolatefest is a great way to do that!  

How much is the booth and what all do I get?

A 10x10 space  is $100.00

A 10x20 space is $200.00

There will be pipe & drape behind you, but not along the sides.  

You are responsible for bringing your own tables, chairs product display needs.  

We will provide a booth sign.  You are welcome to cover the booth sign with your own banner or sign if you like. 

We ask that you bring pre-purchased, wrapped chocolate of some kind to put on your table, like Hershey Kisses or something like this.  These cannot be homemade treats.  They must be a purchased product.  Our Chocolatiers have licenses to make and sell food.  The health department will not like it if you make stuff at home and serve them to the public.  Make sense?  Make sure it is purchased from the store and wrapped and sealed if you put it on your table.  

Do you need electricity and/or wifi for your booth?

It's $50.00 per connection for a basic plug.  We will send you an order form to fill out and send in for electric. 

WiFi is $25-$30 for the day.  We can send you an order form for that. 

What time is set-up and break down?

Vendor load-in and set-up is on Friday, February 1st from 3pm-7pm.   

Load-in must be complete by 7pm.  

*We will have a few carts available for you to use but there are no guarantees that a cart will be available for you to use.  Please come prepared with your own cart or be prepared to carry your product into the hall.  The great thing about the World's Fair Exhibition Hall is that load-in is a lot easier.  We will also have volunteers on hand to help you get your product to your booth.  


You can stay and set up your booth if you like but you must be ready to leave by 7pm.  You can come back Saturday morning, February 2nd from 6am-8:30am to finish or begin setting up your booth for the show which will start at 9am.  

Vendor load-out begins at 5pm on Saturday, February 2nd.  You may pack up your booth early if you choose to, but you will not be able to leave until 5pm.  If you leave before 5pm without permission from our staff, you will never be allowed back.  There is nothing more frustrating for a promoter than to have a vendor slamming and banging around and blocking aisles trying to move their product out while the show is still live.  Not cool...not cool at all.  We are doing our best to help you.  We appreciate the same in return.  Plus...empty booths on the show floor is not a pretty site to people that paid to get in.  Make sense?  

It will be a crazy mad-dash by all of the vendors at the same time trying to get out.  Don't be mad at us for this process.  We have done what we can to control that and it doesn't work.  

So be prepared to be patient and kind and take your time moving out.  

What more can I do to help Ronald McDonald House?

You can donate something to the silent auction!  That would be wonderful!   You can also help us by promoting to your friends, family and clients that it is only a $5 donation to come in just to shop, enjoy the entertainment and walk around.  Tasting Tickets will sell out so tell them if they want to do the tasting, they have to get their tickets early.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people usually attend Chocolatefest?

  • Chocolatefest has always been a sell-out event.  We have tweaked the flow and feel of the show to provide a better experience for our guests.  The number of people will range from 1,500-2,000. 
  • We will have 250 tasting ticket holders every 2 hours coming through.  They may not all choose to shop and we cannot control that, but most of them will come to the shopping area and that is your time to shine! 

Why can't I make chocolate and bring it to giveaway at my table?

It wouldn't be fair to our Chocolatiers who are slaving away to provide 1250 samples to tasting ticket holders in efforts to promote their business and secure sales for Valentine's Day and more.  They are making these samples at their own expense with hopes that guests will buy more of their products.  If you are offering free chocolate at your table, that would hurt our Chocolatier sales opportunities.  

We are sure there are more questions we haven't thought of.  If you have a question, please e-mail us at