Register as a Chocolatier for Chocolatefest 2019!

Register as a 2019 Chocolatier!

When & Where

  • February 2nd, 2019
  • Event Times are 9am-5pm (for tasting pass holders)
  • World's Fair Exhibition Hall - 935 World's Fair Park Drive
  • (this is under the Holiday Inn right across from the Sunsphere.  Accessible from World's Fair Park or the escalator inside the Holiday Inn)

What do I need to do?

  • Our chocolatiers will prepare 1,250 samples of their signature chocolate items for tasting ticket holders. 
  • These samples need to be at least two bites.  
  • We will need to know in advance what you intend to sample for marketing purposes and for presentation scheduling. 
  • Prepare more of your samples to sell as well as any other product you want to sell to the tasting pass holders and general admission attendees. 

How does this work?

  • For 2019, we are changing the format up a little bit.  The chocolate is the entertainment!
  • We will sell 250 tasting passes in 2 hour timeslots.
  • When guests arrive they will be escorted to the Sweet Spot where they will sit down and waited on by our Chocolatefest waiters.  
  • They will be served a beverage (coffee, hot chocolate, water)
  • Our emcee will present each chocolatier and their sample while the waiters bring them out for sampling.  The emcee will tell the guests who made it, what it is and where they can get more. 
  • This will take about an hour as the guests try each of the samples.
  • When they are done sampling, they will get up and walk around and purchase more chocolate and shop.  
  • The next group will come in and sit down and the process starts again. 
  • This will happen 5 times, thus 1250 samples. 

How should I do my samples?

The chocolatefest waiters and volunteers will be assembling your samples onto trays to carry out to guests.  You will need to have your sample in a ramekin or on a plate.  It will have to be "servable".  If it needs a spoon or fork to eat, make sure it has that with it.   We will be serving these 250 at a time so depending on what you sample, you can bring them to us 250 at a time or you can give them to us all at once, ready to go.   This will be a fast and furious process so please make sure your samples are ready to go or they may be skipped.  We have to keep the process moving or we will get backed up. 

How do I know how much more product to make to sell?

This is our 5th year.  As we have grown, the demand for product has grown.  Our senior chocolatiers will tell you to prepare enough for around 300 buyers.  If you use some strategy, this can be extra product you can sell for Valentine's Day if it will keep long enough.  (if you don't sell out)

Why does this benefit my business?

Chocolatefest is placed strategically 2 weeks prior to Valentine's Day.  Many of our chocolatiers say this is the kick-off to their year and they get a lot of orders for Valentine's Day from Chocolatefest.  

You can't find a better and more affordable way to get your product into the mouth's of dedicated buyers.  This is one of the very best ways to show people who you are and what you can do.  

In addition to the event day, we also feature our Chocolatiers on social media and the chocolatefest website.  

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