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10:30am - SOLD OUT!

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Some information about Tasting Tickets


Choose your tasting time

  • Pick what time you want to attend Chocolatefest.  
  • We offer 5 different tasting times.  This is for your convenience to avoid long lines.  
  • We have also added seating for all of our Tasting Ticket holders this year.  Rather than walking from booth to booth, we will serve you the chocolate samples while you sit and enjoy and our emcee tells you what you are eating, who made it and where you can get more.  

Choose your seat, or we can pick them for you

  • Pick your seat on the online seating chart.
  • When you start the process of purchasing your tasting tickets you will see that Ticketleap automatically generates your seat numbers.  If you would like to select your seats, simply click "edit" under the seat numbers and you will see a diagram showing you where the tables are, seats, etc.  You can select which seats you would like. 

Purchase your Tasting Ticket

  • Everyone must have a ticket to enter the Sweet Spot Tasting area.  
  • If you are coming with guests that do not have a tasting ticket or do not want to do the chocolate tasting, they may purchase a $5 General Admission Ticket at the door and sit around the perimeter of the tasting area while you enjoy the tasting or they can walk around and wait for you until you are finished sampling. 
  • If you have a young child (under age 5), they may stay with you, but they must sit on your lap or in a stroller as close to you as possible.  We will have servers coming around serving chocolate and beverages and strollers cannot be in the aisles where they would pose a tripping hazard.  We can find a safe place for your stroller while you enjoy the tasting. 

Arrive early

  • Chocolatefest runs from 9am-5pm.  Please try to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your tasting time.  We encourage you to arrive early so you have plenty of time to find parking and walk to the World's Fair Exhibition Hall.  
  • Once you arrive, check-in with us and then you can go on in and walk around the festival until we call you for your tasting time.  There are lots of Merchant booths and Chocolate booths to enjoy. 
  • When it is time for your tasting,  we will take you to your table where you will be served delicious chocolate  from our chocolatiers and enjoy time with friends & family. 
  • If you have any chocolate leftover, we will box it up for you so you can take it home.


When you are done relaxing & enjoying your chocolate, you can walk around and meet the chocolatiers, purchase more of your favorite chocolates & shop the merchant booths for great Valentine's Day gifts! 

Any questions?

Feel free to e-mail us at with any questions you may have.